Color My View - About the Artist

Artist's Background

I have always been interested in stained glass. In 1998 I was finally able to take a class from Eberhart Studio in Issaquah. I really loved it! I made a Victorian panel using the lead came method, and a hot air balloon sun catcher using the copper foil method. Due to the expense of the tools of this hobby and the birth of our first child, I got involved slowly in this hobby. I made a number of mosaic stepping stones, had a second child, and was finally able to purchase some of the more expensive pieces of equipment that I needed. My first goal was the panel in our bathroom, with an iris pattern. I created the pattern myself. It came out better than I hoped, and I was hooked. I have made a number of sun catchers of various sizes, and a few small panels. Some of my work is being displayed at Prized Possessions in Lakeland Hills in Auburn. I have also been selected to be the featured artist at the Covington City Hall during May 2005. My goal is to share my art with as many people as possible, and provide custom windows to enhance the beauty of people’s environments.

Artist Statement

As I have grown in the art of stained glass, I find more and more possibilities for beauty. The textures and colors of glass capture the eye, and draw people in to the details. I enjoy the process of determining size, shape, content, and color. I love choosing the right glass to make the finished product elegant and beautiful, fitting the room where it will be displayed and the person whom I am making it for. It is very satisfying to finish a panel, clean it all up and watch it sparkle.