Color My View - Custom Work

Below are some of pictures of custom work that I have done.

This wonderful St Bernard is so real you almost want to pet him! Designed for a friend after their own dear Vivaldi.
This panel depicts a cozy little house and doves holding wedding rings as you start a new chapter in your life.
Nature scenes.
This intricate Moth is very colorful and beautiful. The colors really glow in the sunlight.
Large nature scenes.
Custom Design created from photograph of the front of three houses and a boat
Fun panel with dolphins swimming in a sea of blue
Sweet picture of Bird and her nest with some dogwood flowers
I wanted my own view of Mt. Ranier from our house. There is a splendid magnolia tree in the foreground with an inviting bench near a restful brook.
Eleven different varieties of glass add texture and depth to this multi-hued panel.
Scenic view of the Puget Sound with the white capped Olympic Mountains in the background.
Starburst quilt pattern with green and yellow pedals, a faceted jewel in the middle and green and yellow confetti glass around the outside.
Vines with green leaves climb up a clear panel.
Elegant dogwood branches with pink flowers
Cardinals in the Snow - 3 panels in our front yard light.
Magnificent carousel horse window
The first step is design. These are the paper templates of the final design and colors.
Assembling the lead and glass.
Soldering the joints
Putty is used to seal the glass, and sawdust helps absorb moisture and with cleanup.
While the putty sets on one window, I assemble the other one. Once all the lead is in place, the joints are all soldered.
When all the lead is in place, the window is ready for the zinc border.
Applying patina to blacken the solder, lead, and zinc.
Kipp is my installation man. He's making sure the window will sit evenly in the frame.
Yea! They fit!
Final Product