Color My View - Winter Collection

Below are some of the items in my Winter Collection. Click on the picture to view larger version.

Small star snowflake
Jewel in center can be any color (clear, red, blue, green, yellow)
4 Star Snowflake
Unique arrangement of star bevels and red and clear nuggets
Starburst Snowflake
10 Large and small diamonds arranged in a starburst pattern around a large clear nugget.
5 Point Diamond Snowflake
This beautiful snowflake has diamond bevels with ice blue and clear nuggets.
5 Point Star Snowflake
Unique diamond bevels reach out from a large center nugget.
6 Point Simple Snowflake
A fun snowflake with a textured, pointy center, and 6 diamond bevels.
8 Point Straight Bevel Snowflake
This different snowflake has 8 straight bevels of different sizes, and is finished off with bright red nuggets.
Beveled Star
This star has four diamond bevels to catch the light, with alternate points of wavy glass. The glass nuggets come in either Red, Green, or Clear.
Five pointed Star
This star has large diamond bevels separated by points of glass. It really twinkles in the light.
Six-pointed Snowflake with Straight Bevels
The arms of the snowflake are bevels which reflect the light. The nuggets near the center can be done in clear, red, or green.
Six-pointed snowflake with Diamond Bevels
These large diamond bevels seem to float in air as they shoot out from the center nugget.
Large Six-pointed snowflake
This gorgeous snowflake has 12 diamond bevels for exquisite reflection of any light.
Mitten with Snowflakes
Log Cabin
Log Cabin in a winter wonderland.
Blue Mittens
A pair of cute mittens are linked together by twisted wire.